So what is the process involved when you create music?

"Music can change the world, because it can change people."

- Bono 

I believe that everyone has a voice to be heard, a message to be shared and a story to tell.  

The ability to connect with these narratives eventuates from our ability to hear them out. From the words that are spoken to the prevalent ambient sounds, the only thing that is missing is your unique background score.  

I’m not talking about your ‘tongue-in-cheek’ jingles or ‘cringe-worthy’ songs. I’m talking about your own instrumental that tells your story. 

Imagine your voice, your message, and your story having its own unique acoustic identity. The moment it plays, it gives the listener a one-way ticket to enter your world.  

When I work with you, I want to help amplify your message to the masses. Let me make music that resonates your audience to you.


Here are some of the testimonials of who I have worked with. 

I found Shaun on Facebook and approached him to create a music bed as a theme song for Bones of Women The Documentary. From day dot, he was professional, understanding, honest, knowledgeable and read between the lines of what he thought I wanted, then brought it to life. He certainly delivered and I'd love to work with Shaun again! All the best Shaun, you are awesome:) 

Sarah Tump, Director “Bones Of Women”


“Shaun was a very important part of our project ‘Devdas the Musical’. The show had a cast of 60 dancers and actors and over 15 musicians who collaborated for over a year to bring it to fruition.  

“Shaun arranged, composed and played a lot of the music for the 2-hour long show, which played to packed theatres in Sydney and Canberra over two years. Shaun's background in fusing Indian and western music along with his ability to play many instruments really helped to lift the music of the show. The reviewers and critics appreciated the live music within the show and Shaun’s dedication and enthusiasm was a very important contributor to the show’s success.” 

- Ruchi  Sanghi,  School of Indian Dance